is a fourteen year old girl who is the leader of the girls. She is sometimes silly and makes rare desisions. She says her Catchphrase "GIRLS GO!" When fighting enemies. She is voiced by Veronica Taylor.

Description Edit

" Hey this is Amanda i'm the leader of the girls and they have trouble listening to me. In fact time to teach them a lesson!"

Powers/Weapons Edit

  • Golden Sword and Sheld- uses to attack enemies
  • Spatula_ uses to spank enemies
  • Invisible power_ uses when there are too many bosses and tricks them as well
  • Whistiling skills- she uses whistiling power to distrupt enemies.

Relationships Edit

Laura Edit

Laura is Amanda's younger sister and Amanda often cares for her and often gets annoyed with her

In Caring, When the girls were fighting Anonomous, Anonomus hit Laura in the face and she started to shed tears. Amanda walked up to her and gave her a hug.

In Time to Get Focus she wanted her and the girls to stay focused. Laura said "do we have to focus?"" Amanda said yes but Laura kept asking that causing Amanda to get Angry.

In Follow me She kissed Amanda for Teaching her to use her weapon properly.

Brianna Edit

Sence Brianna is the funniest characther on the show, Amanda is seriously annoyed with her and often punches her in the face.

Emma Edit

Amanda and Emma appear to be best friends and they laugh at each other alot.

Emily Edit

Amanda and Emily love to draw together as seen in Let's Draw

Jonah Edit

Amanda has a huge crush on Jonah and is hinted that he likes her back. Although is not sure.

In Lovebirds Amanda asked Jonah to go on a date with her but Jonah said he was already going out with Kathy this Made Amanda mad. So Amanda tried to win Jonah but failed.

In Truth or Dare the girls played a truth or dare game. Emma asked Amanda truth or dare? Amanda picked Dare and Amanda hoped next time she saw Jonah he would give Amanda a big kiss. But Emily said "i dare you to spell contatious backwards which made Amanda mad.

In Learning to whistle when Amanda finally whistled she invited Jonah over and he was so happy at the end of the episode Amanda and Jonah were about to kiss. This episode shows Jonah's feelings for Amanda for the first time.

Quotes Edit


"Focus now girls"