Brianna is the same age as Emily and she wears glasses and a pink bow in her hair. She is the funniest member on the team. She is voiced by Grey Griffin.

Description Edit

"Hey dudes its me Breanna opps i mean Brianna i love pizza and making jokes"

Powers/Weapons Edit

Rock power



Water balloons

Relationships Edit

Bryce Edit

Brianna and Bryce really have huge crushes on each other and kissed in Lovebirds, I see you, and Come to me.

Amanda Edit

Amanda is always annoyed with Brianna.

Laura Edit

Brianna often likes to make Laura laugh.

Emily Edit

Emily and Brianna are really best friends and love singing together.

Emma Edit

Emma and Brianna like to play games.

Quotes Edit

"Wow Dude"

"Villian Bunga!" (Starting in Season 2)