Emily a 13 year old girl who wears pigtails and 2 red flowers on her head. She is very thoughtful and kind and she has a crush on Aiden and her sister is Emma. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Description Edit

"Hey guys it's me Emily i love to watch " Crazy Month" alot and i mean an awful lo Weltyt
by the way can someone get Aiden to Notice me please and having Amanda not bug me"?

Powers/Weapons Edit


Ghost power

Shield ( only in Go With it)


Relationships Edit

Aiden Edit

Emily has a crush on Aiden and dares him to date her as seen in Lovebirds.

Emma Edit

Emma is Emily's older sister and she hates it when Emma bugs her while watching tv but Emily hugs her in the Season 2 episode Driving.

Amanda Edit

Amanda and Emily get along when the both draw in Let's draw.

Brianna Edit

Brianna and Emily are best friends and love to play with each other.

Laura Edit

Emily and Laura are also best friends.

Quotes Edit

"Shhhh!! (Alot when her Sister Emma bothers her while watching tv)

" Relax"