Girls Go!: Trouble at Miami Beach is the second Girls Go! film of the series. It was released in theaters on July 27, 2018. It is the second film of the series. The first film was The Girls Go! Movie.

Summary Edit

"The Girls are going on vacation to Miami Beach. They are having a nice time until this Tiki Villian decides to destroy the beach and ruin the girls vacation. It's up to the 5 Girls to stop him before it's too late" - IMDB

Plot Edit

The movie begins as Amanda provides us with a series of flashbacks of their recent crimes. After the flashbacks, Amanda tells the other girls that they are going on vacation which all the girls but Emily cheer. Emily says she would rather stay home and watch TV, but Amanda denies that and forces her to go. A montage plays as all 5 girls get ready for the trip.

One everyone is packed, Laura asks where are they even going? Amanda says they are going to Miami Beach in Florida. The girls then head to the G car but Laura is a little behind due to her suitcase being heavy. Once the girls get in the G car, they head to the airport.

In the G Car, Amanda goes over the speed limit which surprises everyone else. Emma tells her to cut it out, but Amanda refuses saying that she wants to be at the airport right away. Just then, Brianna points out that there are 3 police cars chasing after them. Amanda pulls out her laser gun and shoots at the police cars from her window. The police are shocked at this, causing their cars to skid and land in a mud puddle. Amanda says "Ha ha ha! So long, suckers!". Emma points out that they arrived at the airport.

Once they get inside, they talk to the manager who is (Annonymous in disguise) about getting their tickets for the plane. Annonymous in disguise says "Ah, sorry, but we ran out!" This makes all the girls except Emily groan. Amanda is really upset that their vacation is ruined. Laura says that the manager's voice sounds awfully familiar. As Amanda recognizes the face, she points out it's Annonymous. All 5 girls draw their weapons and begin to fight him.