(The episode starts out with the girls (except Amanda) bored. Amanda rushes in the room)

Amanda: Ok, listen up girls! We are watching this video about my life and i want you to see how good it is.

Emily: Amanda, why do we need to know about your li__

Amanda: Shh! It's starting!

(The girls watch as Amanda narrates on screen)

Amanda (on screen) I was about to take a dump, but I realized that I left my Sword and Shield in my room, so I went to go get it, but then

(Emily rests on her sisters shoulder)

Emma: (whispers) Really Emily?

Amanda (on screen) Ahh! Ahh! I said, then he escaped

(Just then Mean Casalya breaks through the window, the girls are shocked)

Amanda: Mean Casalya on the loose. GIRLS GO!

(The Girls start to attack Mean Casalya except Laura who is just staring at them)

Mean Casalya: What big losers you girls are

Emily: We'll see about that!

Amanda: Laura, you have to help us! YOU'RE PART OF THE TEAM!!!

Laura: I want to stop fighting!

(Mean Casalya and the others stare at Laura with weird looks on their faces)

Emma: You can't leave

Amanda: Keep attacking girls, I'll be back. Now Laura, why do you want to stop being a hero?

Laura: Because what if I get hurt?

Amanda: Oh Amanda, you won't get hurt,

Laura: How do you know?!

Amanda: Because we got more skill. NOW HELP US!!!

Laura: Nah