Teen Titans and Girls Go! is the first episode of Season 3

Summary Edit

When the Girls Meet The Titans, they relize that the Titans Need their help defeating Emeraldz.

Plot Edit

The Episode begins where the girls are about to destroy a big block but their plans didn't work. Emma suggests that maybe that they should try again tomorrow. Amanda and the others agree.

At The Tower, The Girls watch the news. The News reporter says that a monster named Emeraldz is destroying the village. The girls suddenly zoom on over to the city where they see him. The Girls stat attacking Emeraldz but he has so many weapons and gadgets the girls suddenly give up.

Back at The Tower, The girls were upset that Emeralds had so many weapons and they thought they would never defeat them. Amanda calls a friend of here's which his name was Robin.

The Camera sooms to the Titan Tower where Robin is on his phone talking to Amanda and Robin agrees to help her and the girls. Robin calls the Titans and tells them that they need to help the girls fight Emeralds and the zoom to find him.

The Girls soon see the Titans andthey begin to fight Emeraldz. Amanda and Robin both say their catchphrases and all 10 of them begin attacking him.

Once the battle was done, the Girls and The Titans decide to hangout until it got late. Amanda and Robin were friends because they were both leaders. And they both went to Amanda's room. Emily showed Raven a Show called Crazy Month. Then Raven turned it to Pretty Pretty Pegasus. They both cheered. Next, Brianna and Beast Boy were acting crazy in the Kitchen. Then Emma showed Starfire her collection of Dolls. Last, Laura was nervous of Cyborg but they played and got along.

At the end, the Titans and Girls say goodbye and Brianna questions? Will they see them again? And Amanda says not for a whilBrianna.

CCharacters PresentEdit

  • Amanda (Veronica Taylor)
  • Laura (Arissa Reed)
  • Brianna (debut) son
  • Dakota Fanning)
  • Emma (E.G Daily)
  • Emily (Tara Strong)
  • Robin ( Scott Menville)
  • Starfire (Hynden Walch)
  • Raven (Tara Strong)
  • Beast Boy (Greg Cipes)
  • Cyborg (Khary Payton)
  • Emeralds (Kevin Michel Richardson (debut)

Trivia Edit

  • This Episode is a crossover between the 2 shows, Girls Go! And Teen Titans Go!