"Time to start training " is the first season 1 episode of Girls Go!

Plot Edit

It starts out where Amanda walks left to right talking to the other girls that today was their first day of fighting which made the girls all cheer but Amanda says before they go out they need to train their new weapons.

Amanda and her sister Laura are fighting each other with their weapons. Amanda pulls Laura to the ground and says Score!

Next, Brianna, Emma, and Emily were fighting. Brianna stuck her tongue at the two girls causing them to fall to the ground.

Amanda tells the three girls to come in the living room. Amanda now says it's time to go so they head outside looking for people to fight.

Then The Sun Mother and Father came up. Amanda shouts "GIRLS GO!" And all 5 girls charge at the sun mother and sun father. But failed to defeat them. Back at the Girls towers the girls were very upset. Amanda tells them that they need to train their weapons more. Emily and Emma start to train their weapons. They do it for almost 2 hours.

Until Laura tells the girls it's time to get some sleep.

The Next Morning The Girls eat cereal and talk about that they're done training their weapons.

They then head outside then they see the sun mother and the Sun father again. They Attack him again and the suddenly defeat them the girls all cheer and celebrate as the episode ends.

Characters Present Edit

  • Amanda
  • Laura
  • Emma
  • Emily
  • Brianna
  • Sun Father
  • Sun Mother.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the very first episode of Girls Go!
  • This is the first apperence of Sun Father and Sun Mother

Goofs Edit

  • When Emily says "We Lost!" Her red flowers on her head are missing.